New Look

We hope you like the new look. We hadn't changed it since we started, and it was beginning to look a little stale. We're still working out a bug or two. For some reason, the slide show isn't advancing, and we want to upload some more photos there.  You can hit the arrows on either side of the photo to see what we uploaded while we were testing.At the top of the page, we have added a link for our gallery. We've had many requests to purchase photos, and so we've opened up an account with Zenfolio to make that possible. If you buy a one of our photos, MPIX will print and ship it to your house. We have other products available to us - photo Tshirts, coffee mugs, key rings, etc. We haven't activated those products; if there is any demand, we will. We moved our Categories to the right side, instead of only on the bottom. The latest three Tutorials are also listed there. Let us know what you think. Finally, we always put, at least, one photo in our blogs. This one is from today's Memorial Day ceremony at the Groveton Confederate Cemetery on the Manassas Battlefield, Virginia. The re-enactors are firing a musket volley to honor all the military members who have made the supreme sacrifice as they served. Mark and I are retired military and send our respects to all those who have ever served. Musket volley on Memorial Day, Manassas Battlefield, Virginia