Hope Springs Eternal

It’s the start of another wonderful baseball season.  Last week I got to attend the home opening day for the Nationals—something I’ve never done before.  The weather was great, the grass was green and the beer was cold. Starting with the pregame hoisting of the team flag, it was just a lot of fun.

It always reminds me as the teams are introduced; just what a rich American tradition this game represents. It still is touching to watch soldiers unfurl and wave the huge flag.

Finally, the first pitch and the game begins.  Here in DC they have the between innings Presidents race.  In five seasons, Teddy has never won.  To start the season, he tied the shoelaces of George, Tom and Abe together so they stumbled and fell out of the starting gate.  It looked like he might win…, but no, Tom took off his shoes and passed him at the tape.  Oh, well.

Oh and the game, well the Nats won and they are actually in 1st place.