Fog & Abstracts in My Brain

During Photoshop World week, I went on a couple of quick photowalks around the nation's capitol.   Though I live near Washington, D.C., the commute is no fun , and I don't get into the city enough.    This time, we stayed in the city to attend all the PSW functions.  Who wants to commute when PSW days can stretch to 18 hours?  I wanted to make sure I made the most of staying downtown. Early in the week, I took a beginning photographer to for a sunrise shoot at the Tidal Basin, near the Jefferson Memorial.  The weather was lousy, but, the cherry blossoms don't last forever, so we went.  Sure enough, we were shrouded by fog.  Since we drove in at 530 am, we made the best of the weather.  Many other photographers were there, apparently having made the same decision that some photographs were better than no photographs.

Jefferson Memorial, Washinton, D.C.

The fog and mist shrouded the Washington monument, too, obscuring the top.  It wasn't the photograph we were hoping for, but it was still an interesting look.  I think the only thing my shooting partner learned was to avoid photowalks with me.

Washinton Monument

Later in the week, Mark and I took a walk in the area around our hotel.  I was concentrating on architectural details, trying to work on my abstract vision.  I struggle with abstracts, especially in architecture.  I'm much more confident finding a smile from a whiny, little kid than finding compelling lines and shapes in the building he lives in.  The only way to improve is to practice, so I kept my eyes open for some abstracts.

Window abstract

We came across St. Mary's Catholic Church, established in 1864.  The light outside made the stones pop, and the window reflection caught my eye.

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Washington, DC

The caretaker saw our cameras and kindly offered to let us into church.  I wasn't carrying a flash, so I cranked up the ISO to 6400.  I thought the swirl of the supports were pretty interesting.  It's a little orange, but that's the way it looked.  I played with the color balance, but went back to the original because it just looked better.

Abstract in St. Mary's

As we were walking back - my brain aching from trying to warp it into abstract mode - we came across some window washers about five stories up from the street.  These guys were swinging all over the place, putting on a show for the onlookers below.  The shooting angle was less than ideal, but I needed at least one shot of a person to finish my day.  With some manipulation in the Lens Corrections panel, I was able to get rid of some of the perspective problems.  Joe McNally would probably have climbed the building across the street from them to get it right in the camera.  Oh, well....

window washing ballet