San Antonio Riverwalk

I'm just putting up a quickie blog tonight because I'm getting ready for Photoshop World, and Mark is working late at the office.  We'll give you a report on Photoshop World next week.  I've had a couple of requests for a couple of San Antonio photos, so that's what I have tonight.  

While I was down in San Antonio, my son and I had to check out the Alamo and the Riverwalk.  I mean, if you're going to walk around like tourist how can you miss the Alamo?  It is the quintessential Texas tourist location.  I set my camera to "Tourist" and went to find Davy Crockett.

The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

Wow!  The Alamo was in the middle of town, completely surrounded by tall buildings.  I couldn't get a clean shot anywhere.  It made me wonder why Santa Anna would bring his troops so far into town.  ;-)    One of the re-enactors showed us how the trapped Texans used every means possible to try to get reinforcements.

Re-enactor on cell phone at the Alamo.

Yeah, it was a pretty disappointing stop on our trek.  I love history, so the museum is very interesting, but photographically?  I don't want to upset any of our Texas readers, but, unless you concentrate on detail shots, you're not going to get much.  We only had an hour, so I'd like to go back when I have more time to face the challenge.

We had better luck at the Riverwalk.  A mission and presidio were established along the San Antonio River in the early 1700s.  Flooding was a frequent problem.  Texas began serious work to control the flooding in the 1940s, and, today, there are several canals with restaurants and shops on both sides of the canals that run through the center of town.  They claim it is the number one tourist attraction in Texas, with party barges and water taxis plying the canals.

Party barge in San Antonio, Texas

We went restaurant hopping, stopping in to sample six establishments in one night.  The weather and food were great, with seating inside and out.  Make sure you have lots of time to enjoy the experience.

The Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas

The Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas

The light was failing quickly when we were arrived, but make sure you take your camera if you go.  I bumped up the ISO and put the fast lenses to work between food stops.

San Antonio, Texas

There are roaming musicians and music from the bars to keep you in the party mood.

Musician in San Antonio, Texas

The Riverwalk is a colorful, scenic treat that will keep your camera happy.  There are many footbridges, so you can easily get to either side of the canal.  I'm sure they are favorite locations for weddings and portraits.

The Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas

We just nibbled here and there and ended the night at an Irish Pub with a pint.  What a great night with the Captain.

piano bar in San Antonio, Texas