The Dawn's Really Early Light

My photographic year has gotten off to a terribly slooooow start thanks to a lot of work stuff.  I have not had the camera in my hands for weeks and that was making me grumpy (er?). This last weekend Sarah decided we needed a little get away and wanted me to take some more pictures (she is wonderful!).  So we drove over to beautiful Annapolis, Maryland.  Our hotel was literally over the water so we both got up at 0 Dark Hundred and went out onto the pier to shoot the sunrise.  I had planned on this so I was prepared.  For these kind of shots, you really need your tripod due to the long exposures.  Anything over 1/30th of a second and the blurring is just unacceptable.  As you can see from the .exif data, I was shooting in Manual mode and had chosen f/10 to put the whole scene in focus.  I kept adjusting the shutter speed to get the images to look decent in the display. These images have been processed using the Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta and the noise reduction algorithm really is an improvement.  Even though I had jacked the ISO up to 640—pretty much the maximum usable value for the D300, I could still see a lot of noise.  It was more evident due to the calm water.One of the other features of the new version is just the overall processing algorithm, it was visibly faster and made the colors appear just like that early morning.  

We had a really relaxing weekend with some good food, some nice wine and a view from our room which captured the magic of the Chesapeake Bay.  …plus I got to take some photos.