Now it’s decision time…

Today Nikon announced the camera I’ve been waiting for—well, almost.  The New D800 looks to be an incredible machine.

It has a 36MP resolution and will be perfect for my landscape and portrait work.  It’s the equivalent of many medium format cameras like the Mamiya or even the Hasselblad, which cost thousands of dollars more.

Although significantly improved over my reliable D300, its low light potential is nowhere near its new big brother the D4.  The ISO now covers up to ISO 6400 and can go up to 25,600.  That is a long way from the ISO 204,000 advertised for the D4.

It is also going to be slower in burst mode with only a 4 frames per second (fps) rate.  Is that bad?  Well the D300 has an 8 fps rate and I think I’ve needed that only a few times when shooting. 

One of the features that it has over the D4 is the built in flash unit.  Now I never actually use it as a flash, but as the commander for my remote units.  I don’t always need to get out my wireless xmitters for that, so that is a good thing. 

Nikon has been really pushing the video capabilities of their new cameras and this one is no exception.  It can record full 1080p HD video and full stereo sound.  I’ve never really explored video, but I guess I will have the chance to learn.   On the Nikon Website, they have an incredible video move called “Joy Ride” shot entirely with the camera.

I filed my taxes this last weekend and guess what—Photoshop World is only a month away.  My friends the Applebaums, at Midwest Photo Exchange will probably be seeing me drop by.   That is if I can convince my wife….