Ditch the Plans

I'm always talk about planning your photography before you shoot, but never believe that works all the time.  I just have a short note tonight about plans that went awry. I just got back from Alaska, and it was cold!  It was -48 when we stepped off the plane.  I had lots of plans for the trip.  They didn't pan out.

Cold in Fairbanks

Why would anyone go to Fairbanks in January?  I really wanted to get some shots of the aurora borealis.  I've seen the northern lights many times when we lived in Alaska, but I never had a camera with me in those days.  You need a nice clear night, a night without ice fog.  I hoped  to get lucky while we were there.

The ice fog obliterated the sky for five of our seven nights; the other two, the lights weren't out.  Yes, I'm quite aware that a big solar storm lit up the night sky right after we left.  Like I said, my plans didn't pan out.  Here is the ice fog thinning out at 3:30 pm one day.  Notice how low the sun is?  We got less than five hours of daylight each day.

Ice fog in Fairbanks, Alaska

The real reason to travel north in the middle of winter was the arrival of our most recent grandchild.  We scheduled our trip two weeks after the due date, but he decided to come a couple of days after we arrived.  We just hung around the house and waited with the dogs.

Bored dog

When he finally arrived home, I just took a few snapshots and held the boy (when I could get him away from my wife).  It was a wonderful, relaxing week with the family, which just grew by one more.  Doesn't get better than that.

The boy goes by the nickname of Dodge.  I may sprinkle some shots of him into the blog now and then.  We sure were glad to see him.

Baby blanket

Our plans to get home didn't pan out, either.  But the re-routed flights and misplaced bags came with a silver lining - airline dollars to return in the spring when the weather will be warmer and the boy crawling.  Anyone want to travel north in May?  It'll be fun....

Army brat