Happy New Year to everyone

Hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready to pick up the camera and the mouse and get to work for 2012.  What is the best gift you can give yourself to improve your skill behind the camera or in front of the computer?  Training with professionals who are as passionate about their photography as you are is the answer.  Every year around this time Roger and I start beating the drum for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals’ (NAPP) conference called Photoshop World.  This year, to our delight, it is going to be right here in our backyard---in Washington, DC.   That’s right, they are holding it here, and what’s more it’s over a weekend—March 24-26. http://photoshopworld.com/

The 3 days of classes are grouped into tracks focusing on lighting, photography, lightroom, creative design, video, the photo business and of course, Photoshop.  The workbook itself is the size of the phonebook and contains the material from every single course and session.  Since there are over 100 classes, you can’t hit them all—trust me I’ve tried.

Each year they have a theme, last year it was fashion photography, but this year in DC in an election year…it’s a new party!  Oh yes there are parties at PSW.  Just what you need after 12 hours of classes!

I can’t begin to tell you how much you will learn by attending.  My head hurts for days just trying to remember all the tips, tricks and cool techniques. To top it all off there is the Expo floor.  Industry leading vendors such as B&H, Midwest Photography Exchange, Wacom Tablets, Epson Printers, MPIX printing (they print all my images), Nikon and Adobe all have booths with great deals.  Last year the Westcott Lighting people brought in live models, and the crowds were 7 deep trying to snap the interesting costumes and makeup. 

It is not inexpensive, that is true, but it certainly delivers in value.  The longer you wait the more the cost goes up.  Come see us in DC this year, heck, come and visit.    This will be my 6th PSW and I learn more each time.