Just Ramblin'

Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park, AlaskaIt has been a fun year, running around the country with a camera hanging from my neck.  I visited 21 of these United States, driving to most of them.  I met lots of new photographers and taught quite a bit more than last year.  I shot more than 13,000 photos in 2011. Last farewell in Arlington National Cemetery.

That's actually fewer than I planned.  It reflects two months where I fell short of my resolution to go somewhere for a photo project.

Trollies in Memphis, Tennessee

I did have a much wider variety of topics than normal.  Which means I shot fewer people photos than normal - even though I had more paid sessions than last year.  My favorite topic is still more fun when we're out acting like real people, instead of standing in front of a piece of seamless paper.

Cake-covered little girl

One of the problems with being a part-time photographer is that the real world of life and work will occasionally throw you a curve ball.  It can interfere with your opportunities to go out and make new photos.  If you want to continually improve your photography, you have to get back to it as soon as those distractions are tended to.

Colorful cans on a store shelf

I was going through the photos to find some to match a topic I had in mind.  Must have been the music I was playing, but my topic wasn't cooperating, so I started doing some end-of-year work on the database.  Turns out there were quite a few things to do in there....

Abstract at the marina

When I looked at the clock, it was obvious that nothing was going to get written tonight.  I didn't want to leave the blog empty, and that makes this a rambling blog - with photos.  ;-)   It must have something to do with this time of year.  It can't be me.

boy playing in the fountain

Guess I'll cover that topic next week.  "Lord, I was born a ramblin' man...."

Fall color downtown Boston, Mass.