A Few Buildings

One of the places I visited over past few weeks was New England.  We have family and very close friends there, and it was on my agenda. The beginning of the trip was for family history purposes.  My mother wanted some photos of places she lived when she left Wisconsin.  New London, CT, had changed quite a bit, but we found a couple of the houses, including the one I spent my first months in.  It isn't a special image, but, since the genealogy programs of today allow you to import photos, it will find a purpose.

Suburb of New London, CT

The photo theme of the trip became buildings.

As you can tell from the image, the clouds were gray and low.  If you get into this situation, you want to minimize the amounts of sky included in the photo.  This can be a good time to focus on parts of the building you find interesting.

Church wing

We moved up the coast to Cape Cod for a couple of days.  The Cape has lots of scenery to keep a camera busy and mine was.  I enjoyed both sunrises and sunsets, and the good thing about Cape Cod is you catch both with beautiful water scenes.  We found one of the famous beach houses facing due East towards Martha's Vineyard.  A small spit of land allowed me to catch a shot without getting wet.

Cape Cod, MA, USA, beach house

One evening, I was out by Yarmouth as the sun was setting.  There are lots of small inlets that shelter the boats.  The warm light from the golden hour gave the scene a great look.  The photo may seem cliché to some, but I really like this one since it captured the light the way I saw it.

Cove at Yarmouth, MA, USA

Of course, when we got up to Boston, my buildings theme got more difficult.  Those are some big buildings!  How do you capture those?  Skylines are always nice.  You can take vertical panoramas, like the church I posted in Tuesday's blog.  Or just shoot part of the building....how about a photo of a building, reflected in another building?

Building reflections in Boston, MA, USA

All in all, it was a good workout for me.  We had a great time, and I got lots of buildings.  Of course, that isn't the only subject my camera found.  I ended up with hundreds of photos that weren't buildings, including this cute, little girl having fun on her trike.  You need to get out there, too.

Close up portrait of little girl