My Favorite Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We hope that each of our readers has the chance to spend their holiday with friends and family.  This marks the start of what seems to be a race to get to the end of the year.  Step back and slow down a bit.  As you prepare your feast this year take a moment to think of all the joys in your life: your spouse, your children—well most of them anyway, your family, your pets, and your friends. They are what this is all about. As photographers, it is important to capture the feast and food for your celebration.  Getting the turkey to look as good in the photo as hopefully it smells in your kitchen can be tricky.  Try to find a warm light and get down near it.

Looking at it from on high is like shooting pictures of the tops of kid’s heads—boring.  Have it fill the frame.

Charting the bird’s progress from roasting pan to carcass,

will help keep the memories alive long after your last piece of pumpkin pie is gone and your stretch pants have returned to normal size.