A Bit of Perspective on Veterans Day

This last weekend we ventured up the road for a little get-away.  Since it was a beautiful fall weekend and my wife had never visited, we stopped off at the Antietam battlefield in Sharpsburg, MD.  As you read last week, Roger and I had the honor of recording a fine young Sergeant being placed to his final rest in Arlington.  I was reminded of his sacrifice while on the grounds of the single worst day in American combat history-17Sept 1862.  On that single day over 23,000 soldiers were killed or wounded. Places such as the Dunker church, were turned into scenes of horror.

The Maryland monument is unique in that it honors the units from the state which fought on both sides.

The observation tower provides a view of “Bloody Lane” far different now than on that day. Bloody Lane

Finally, the lower bridge now known as “Burnside’s Bridge” crosses the peaceful waters of Antietam Creek.Burnside's Bridge

We are surrounded by the echoes of the history which has made us who we are today.  These sites should make us all think of those who came before and those who are still serving.  Each of them was willing to pay that ultimate sacrifice.