Fairly Well Done

My favorite Virginia fall festival takes place in October in the quaint little town of Waterford.  The village was established in 1733 and grew into a largely Quaker community by the time of the Civil War. The buildings have not changed much since then, and the historic preservation society does a great job in keeping it so. The Waterford fair features all-juried artisans, so the quality of the booths is much higher than normal.  One of the interesting requirements for the vendors is that they must wear period costumes.  Many of them provide demonstrations of their crafts, using hand or foot power to operate their machines.  At times, it does lead to some interesting anachronisms.  This lady is a member of the weaver’s guild, but she is also the treasurer of the fair. So I guess it is a colonial cell phone…?

There was a wandering minstrel, playing for the delight of the crowd.

The characters in town ranged from a Revolutionary War era fencing master, to an exhausted Civil War drummer, resting on the side of the road.  All in all, it is a nice slice of Americana and a reminder of days gone by.