A Fair Season

Fall in Virginia is the time for small town fairs and festivals.   I’ve gotten to know quite a few of the local musicians who play at these events and really enjoy the variety of music.  One of my favorite fairs takes place in the village of Bluemont.  How can you not love a town which sits astride the Snickersville Turnpike?  The music coordinator is a wonderful lady named Fang.

She works her tail off coordinating all the talent, and always seems to be enjoying the chaos.

Shooting live music is always challenging; the lighting is somewhat uneven and those people insist on putting microphones right up in front of their faces.

Ric Sweeny

I had to push my ISO up to 400 and still used some +exposure compensation to get the faces under the tents.  Luckily at these more informal kinds of concerts, you can get up and move around to all angles.

Knowing the band helps, but even if you don’t, go up before the set starts and introduce yourself.  Ask if it is OK to get up close.  Be sure to offer to send them copies of any good images you shoot.  You never know, they could post them on their website.

Shooting the fans and other attendees is also good.  If you are even thinking about using pictures commercially, you need to get model releases. 

At the fair, the real live organ grinder has a very memorable face.  He also just seems like a happy gentleman.

Get out there and cross a new bridge, go to your local events and have fun.