Ready for Williamsburg

Last weekend, I went down to Williamsburg to map out the route for our part of the Worldwide Photowalk on 2 October. I lived 50 miles away, in Virginia Beach, several times as a Navy brat and in my last Army assignment.  My daughters graduated from the College of William and Mary, just blocks away from the area, but I hadn't walked through the colonial displays in decades.  So I really needed to go through it again before the photowalk.  I selected a route that is almost 2 miles long for our 2 hour walk - the pace will be leisurely.  There is still room to sign up here.

While I was down there, I noticed the effort the Colonial Williamsburg folks have taken to keep their displays "authentic".  I'm not being critical of them because this is not an easy task.  The site is surrounded by the city of Williamsburg, and, of course, if it was absolutely authentic, it wouldn't lend itself to pleasing the thousands of tourists who visit and demand certain comforts.  But for my challenge, I tried to avoid capturing anything out of place for the times.  (Of course, Colonial Williamsburg was established more than 250 years before the camera was invented, but we'll let that slide.)

Some of the displays were ideal.  This lady works in a small garden, surrounded by a rough fence to keep out pests.  The uncleared forest is just outside the garden plot.  Especially in the early days of the settlement, there was forest all around the small areas of cleared land.

garden plot in Williamsburg, Virginia

The cobbler's shop was also well done, although his haircut is wrong.  His wares are created as you watch, using the tools of the time and are hung in the window by twine.  His shop even had a poster of the king.

cobbler in his shop in Williamsburg, Virginia

18th century shoes in the cobbler shop, Williamsburg, Virginia

There were some little things that had to be removed, like ropes to keep visitors from entering buildings.  These can be fixed in a couple of minutes.

doorwat   slave cabin in Williamsburg, Virginia

Every now and then, I had to clone out some of the tourists who were visiting.  (I'm ignoring the driver's sunglasses.)

tourist   horse-drawn carriages in Williamsburg, Virginia

Some of the props were very real - the fife and drum boys are marching down the street toward in the lane, left there by the horses.  ;-)

drum and fife boys in Williamsburg, Virginia

I had a great time, and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the variety of images from the photographers on the walk.  It is always interesting to see just how different the photos turn out, even from photographers who are standing right next to each other.  I think we'll all have a fun time, and that is what this event is about.  There are lots of images waiting there, even if your interests lie outside the historical sites.

butterfly on a sunflower