Memphis Blues

So I got to take a LONG road trip this last weekend; 2600 miles in 5 days.  It was an EFCubed photo expedition. We stopped in Memphis, TN, on our way out to Oklahoma, just to shoot photos on Beale Street—the home of the Blues.  As you know it was somewhat warmish, ok, some would snivel that it was Damn Hot, so in the afternoon, there was no one out on the streets.  As evening approached, people started to come out from the cool and wander out into the streets.  Beale was blocked off, as there was a concert and festival scheduled for that evening.  Along the sidewalks musicians were performing a wide range of blues and rock. These kids were out on the street, trying to raise a few dollars as well.  The skies started to get  a little overcast.  I had read that the signs on the street were pretty interesting, and I love to shoot signs wherever I go.  However, in the daylight, they were pretty flat.  As we wandered down the street, that overcast sky rapidly turned dark and threatening.  Huge fat drops of rain started to fall.  Luckily we were right outside B.B. Kings bar and restaurant, so Roger and I ducked in.  Almost as soon as we crossed the threshold, the skies just opened up.  Lightening cracked and huge peals of thunder shook the whole building.  We watched as the rain started whipping down the streets horizontally, pushing the outdoor umbrellas over and inside out.  Good thing we had beer and BBQ to help us wait out the storm.  It never did stop raining, so we didn’t get all the photos we wanted.  We ran across the street and managed to capture some of the cool neon signs when the rain let up a bit.  I liked the reflection in the window and shot about 10 pictures to get this one I kept. 

They cancelled the concert and a lot of disappointed young kids went streaming past us, soaked to the bone, headed home.  We managed to get back to the hotel without getting too soaked, but have to go back to “the right side of Memphis” to shoot a lot more photos.