Small Town Living

This was a great weekend, family and friends all gathered together for those great American traditions—eating too much and blowing stuff up. The 4th of July is the most American of holidays and it is celebrated in towns large and small all across the country. 

The holiday parade here in Warrenton, VA is a throwback to the very best of small town life and one of the reasons we love living here.

Our parade consists of the kids of the town riding decorated bikes and scooters down the three blocks of Main Street.

People line the street to cheer them on.  Of course the dogs are decorated as well and all seem to get along in the crowds.

The local volunteer brass band plays patriotic marches; the whole town Pledges allegiance and sings the National Anthem.

We stand together as a civic body and salute our military. Remembering the struggle it took to launch this nation in 1776, helps us realize that we are still engaged in this great Democratic experiment.