Street Action

Trying to capture the action on the streets, especially the streets of New York can be challenging. You never know what you might find.  Last week as we exited Central Park, we felt the beats of the music coming from the center of a crowded plaza.  As we made our way through the people, we discovered a troupe of dancers performing for the onlookers.  Shooting things that are moving can be challenging.  I didn’t think that asking them to stop until I was ready would work. So setting up your camera is the key.

Normally, I shoot in Aperture priority.  I like controlling the depth of field and what is in focus.  I trust the camera to set the shutter speed for me.   For action shots, you need to shift to Shutter priority (S).  Just as when you are capturing running water, you get to pick the speed you need to catch the effect you want and let the camera select the aperture.

For these dancers, I set my speed between 1/500th and 1/800th of a second.  Putting them together can help your viewers see the action as you saw it.