Terry White Stole My Blog

This is a sad tale of the big guy crushing the little guy.  Mark and I started scheduling our blogs, so that we could be more consistent.  Today, I was scheduled to discuss the X-rite ColorChecker Passport and the importance of ensuring your color balance is adjusted correctly. The ColorChecker Passport is a great, inexpensive device used to color correct your image, and, if you're a Lightroom user, you can set up profiles to correct your images with just one click.  I've had it on my topic list for weeks and shot a model holding one at Photoshop World.  Here's my shot. 

model holding an X-rite ColorChecker Passport

If you go to Terry White's Tech Blog, you'll see a very similar shot - from almost the same moment.  That's right, Terry stole my blog.  He blogged about his new purchase this past Monday, thereby crushing the little guy and making all my words moot.  ;-) 

If you read Terry's blog (and I do), it is now obvious that the model whose picture I captured was holding Terry's brand new ColorChecker.  Both Mark and I have mentioned Terry before, and you should check out his blog - it is a great resource.  Terry is an Adobe Systems Creative Suite Design Evangelist; long-time MC at the Photoshop World Midnight Madness party; and a great trainer.  He's generally an all-around good guy, so he probably didn't mean to steal my blog.  He even has a nifty video there.  I highly recommend his blog and the X-rite ColorChecker Passport, too.

Here is another example of an image that needs a color correction.

firetruck before color correction 

The sky was cloudy and created a slightly blue cast.  Since I already had a profile created inside Lightroom (watch the video on Terry's blog), one click was all that was needed to correct the image.  Can you do this without a ColorChecker Passport?  Sure, you can, the Passport will ensure you get the best results in seconds - very important when you are correcting hundreds of images from a photo session.

firetruck with color correction 

So, today's blog was short and the bulk of it can found on someone else's blog, but the message is the same: this is a product you should own.

Mark will be back on Tuesday from his honeymoon with a new topic.  I'm already gathering pictures for my next blog.  Hopefully, Terry didn't get my entire list of topics.  Have fun out there.