Back From Photoshop World

Well folks, we survived our week down in Orlando.  The 14 hour drive back was actually fine as Roger, my fiancée, Sarah, and I sang along to the radio—one of us actually can sing, but all of us had a blast. Each year, the creative folks at the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), pick a different theme.  Last year it was Rock and Roll.  This year it was a takeoff on Project Runway, called Project Photoshop. The opening keynote address had a fashion show, where the models all had outfits made to represent the various tools from Photoshop.  All of us 4+ alumni got a special invitation to shoot the show from the front two rows and had a contest to see who could take the best shot.

I shot 200 pictures in 30 minutes and from that got 21 good shots.  From that, I winnowed it down to these 5. 

I finally cropped one down to get this one.  I zoomed in to get more detail. Unfortunately, I did not win the iPad2 they were giving away.  Here is the winning shot from Mike Leonard.

At least I picked it out when I saw it.

Here is the link to all the submitted pictures

Is it time to go back for next year?