Short One

Short blog tonight about what we're doing here and a request for input. Our purpose has always been to write about the fun you can get from photography and the enjoyment we get from it.  We've been reviewing our blog to find trends and look for neglected topics.  I think we've been pretty diverse in what we cover.  We have talked about basic and more advanced subjects, with a mix of photography and post-processing techniques. We given lots of opinions and talked about photowalks and other trips we've taken.  We've answered specific questions whenever we got them.  So, now we could use some feedback.  Is the mix about right?  What would you like to see more of?  Please drop us a line here on the blog or at our Facebook page (here).  While you're there, we'd appreciate it if you'd hit the "Like" button for us.  It actually matters.

We have a list of topics we're working on for the future.  After haphazard posting days, we're trying to keep a regular schedule of posts every Tuesday and Thursday, with some extras thrown in when we have additional time and special topics. 

And speaking of special, Photoshop World is right around the corner.  Orlando is always nice in late March, and we're stopping for a photoshoot in Savannah on the way down.  Are you going?  We're not just going again, we've talked a couple of others in to going for their first time.  This is a great conference to meet other photographers; learn about post-processing tools; see new products; and, of course, have fun.  If you're going, please look us up - we'd love to meet you in person.  We'll be there the entire week and at all the events, like BB Kings and Midnight Madness.  It's going to be a blast, as always. 

We can't have a photoblog withoutat least one photo.  This is from a photowalk in Alexandria, Va., at the Old Town Farmer's Market.  Spring will be here soon, and I'm looking forward to visiting it again.raspberries from the Old Town Farmer's Market, in Alexandria, VA, USA