Rhythm Angels concert was fantastic, Photos are OK

Last week, I wrote about creating the poster for the house concert.  The show was fantastic and the house was full of friends sharing food and listening to the ladies sing.  Here is one of their very haunting tunes. If I had a gun.  Roger and I had lights set up to try and get some pictures of the show.  Unfortunately, the angle on the angels and the geography of the basement meant that the lighting was just a bit harsh.  As it turned out, I was running around playing host, so Roger shot all the good shots.  The man really responsible for the concert, Mr. Al Bernier stood in and played bass, while our local chanteuse, Ms. Kim Melton added harmony and vocals to the evening.  Mr. Ron Goad, a noted local event producer and percussionist ran the sound system. 

The low ceilings and the lack of fixed spots meant that we had shadows as well.  Despite all of the challenges, we had a blast.  By the next time they come into town, we should have Elinchrom or Ranger continuous flood lights set up.   Ooooh more camera gear!