Angels Are Coming to Warrenton

This Friday night the High Horse records recording artists, the Rhythm Angels, are going to play a concert in our basement.  Rebecca Folsom and Celeste Krenz are each wonderful solo artists, but when they play together-magic happens.  For our house concert, all of the proceeds go to the artists, instead of a huge portion to the house.  Well, since it is a private affair, I needed to create something to help advertise the event.  I decided to create a poster in Photoshop and want to walk through the steps to show how the various tools in PS make it fairly easy. I started with a blank image and then filled it with a nice warm paper color using the >Fill command

Since I wanted it to appear to be paper, I added a new layer and filled it with 50% grey.  I converted this layer to a smart object.  Smart objects are PS’s way of letting you go back and adjust the various settings you’ve created without having to start all over again.  Under the Filter menu, I selected >Render>Fibers. So now I used the layer blending modes and selected Overlay, which makes the gray go away and the image looks like this.

I imported images which the angels had sent me and also converted them to smart objects before I changed their size using >Edit>Free Transform.   If you make an object smaller it is ok, but if you change your mind later and try to make it larger, it has lost the information and all you do is stretch the pixels.  With a smart object, it always goes back to the original file and resamples it.  I like how PS keeps me from hurting my own pictures.

Of course we need Text information and each of these groups is done separately in case I want to adjust them later.  You can precisely control the space each group fits into and the placement.  I am a fontaholic, but it is critical to only use a couple in a document. Otherwise it looks like a ransom note. 

Finally, I wanted to remind users that these were after all angels, and so the wings.  I reduced the opacity of the layer to make them a little ethereal, just like the music we will enjoy on Friday.  There are still a few tickets available.