Some things in photos just need to go away

When we are shooting in the wild, often times there are things that are in the image that we just don’t want in the final photo.  Unless you are a photojournalist, there is nothing wrong with getting rid of those unsightly things like wires or in this case the reflection of tree that just is a distraction from the abstract pattern of the clouds reflected in this Denver building. Reflections, tree, clouds In Photoshop, removing these would take about 2 minutes, and with content aware fill, no one would ever know they were gone.  If all you have is Lightroom though, then how do you remove objects? 

First and the easiest suggestion by far, is simply to crop them out of the picture.  Removing the lower row doesn’t really hurt the image and the tiny branch in the corner is hardly noticeable.

Sometimes that is not an option.  So you have to reach for the toolbox in the Develop Module.  One of the beauties of LR is that nothing you do to the picture is permanent.  No pixels were harmed in the making of this and the entire thing can be undone with a few clicks. 

The Spot Removal Tool is really intended to get rid of dust spots in your image.  It can be far more useful though, but does not offer the full control that PS would give you.   You can control the size of the brush and the opacity of what you are trying to cover.  You can control the brush size in a couple of ways.  The slider bar on the menu or the right and left bracket keys on the keyboard; [ makes the brush smaller while ] makes the brush bigger.

Just adjust your brush size and select the area you want to make go away, it creates a target circle connected to a source circle.  You can move the source around to something that matches the area you are trying to cover and it will take the image from the good part and paste it over the bad area.  It is smart enough to adjust the coloring and texture—somewhat.  By making the brush only as big as you need to, you avoid big crop circle effects.   If you don’t like the results of what you just did, either  Control-Z to remove the last step or you can use the History panel on the left side to go back in time to any point in the process.