Looking at the Alternatives

Sometimes photographs can be too obvious. It is all too easy to show the obvious of any scene.  I like engaging the viewer by making them think about what the photo is about.  Last weekend as part of the Charlottesville trip and some other recent travels, I deliberately tried to take these kinds of photos.  At our offsite, one evening while possibly consuming adult beverages, no one will be shocked to learn that gambling was going on. 

Roger recently wrote a blog about doors and windows, well I like to go even further by shooting the handles and the nice knockers (Zahnk you, Herr Doctor). They can show the wear and tear of the usage.

Rather than shoot someone, get their shadow.  Here is a photographer with a long lens perhaps capturing the evil lurking in the hearts of men. 

Fire is hard to shoot.  The flames overload the sensor making the logs too dark.  Luckily shooting in RAW allows you to bring out the dark into the light.

Trying to make bottles of wine visually interesting is challenging.  I often have to drink at least half of one before I get a good idea.  Down at Barboursville they have decorated between the tasting stations with regrettably empty bottles.  I liked the light on the dust-no not in the wind.

So reflecting back on some of these, look at other ways to get your viewers eyes and mind to work harder.  It pays off by making your pictures into photographs.