Wine and Snow

I’ve spent the last part of the week at a company offsite, which was quite hard work.  Driving down to Charlottesville last Wednesday was a challenge as the massive snow storm which blanketed the area made the roads a little treacherous (Yes, I know stay close to the candle).  However, snow on the VA countryside can be quite beautiful.  Especially when seen from inside the safety of a warm inn with a roaring fireplace. From inside the Boar's Head Inn I liked the contrast of the northern snow on the southern magnolias as the evening fell.

It even snowed some more on Saturday morning.Quite heavily in fact.  It did look picturesque.

So because C-ville is such a lovely city, Roger brought Cathy down and we went shooting.  On the way back we traveled some back roads to visit a couple of the now more than 100 wineries in the state. Barboursville

The ruins at Barboursville, were designed by Thomas Jefferson. Barboursville ruins,  Why did he design ruins?—of course he designed the building that burned in 1884, but that joke was enough to amuse us for quite a while. One of the ways to get more interesting photos is to change your perspective.  Even a little bit can make a big difference.

 It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I am happy to be back home.  Too bad this week doesn’t look much easier.   It looks like my friends and family in the Midwest are going to get clobbered again by more snow.  Oh well, get out and take some pictures.