New Year's Tasks Can Bring Memories

At the beginning of every year, I try to do some basic housecleaning on my Lightroom database.  Last year, I did a blog about deleting images (here) when you determine that you're never going to use them.  I see no reason to keep photos that aren't the best of that event or multiple copies of images.  I know hard drive space is cheap these days, but that isn't my rationale.  I just don't need the images I delete.  More than 600 were deleted this year. 

I also try to catch up on any photos that need keywords or ratings.  You should keyword your photos as soon as you can, and Lightroom lets you keyword during the import.  But, sometimes I'm in a hurry and don't get to it immediately.  I have set up a Smart Collection to catch this error, and I go to that collection whenever I have some free time to work it down. 

While I was reviewing and updating the photos, I came across some old shots from the beginning of my film days.  I was living in Monterey, CA, and had a friend with an uncle who worked for the Professional Golfers' Association.  She got us tickets to the 1980 Bing Crosby Tournament in Pebble Beach.  My brother came along for the ride.  We're supposedly related to Bing, according to family legend.  I haven't proven the link in my genealogy, and we never got invited to the mansion, so... ;-)

The Crosby Tournament is known for bringing out the celebrities.  I was using a the new Canon AE-1 and was just beginning to take photographs.  Looking at the photos, I can see I needed the practice.  I know many golfers dream of Pebble Beach, but I was just interesting in taking some pictures.  I grabbed my camera bag and some film and went out for something different.

President Ford came by with Arnold Palmer.

President Geral Ford and Arnold Palmer at the 1980 Crosby Golf Tournament in Pebble Beach, Carmel, California. 

Gerald Ford playing in the 1980 Crosby Golf Tournament

Telly Savalas was having a rough day.  He was grousing about the crowds.

1980 Crosby Golf Tournament Telly Savalas   Telly Savalas walking away.

Jack Lemon and George C. Scott were crowd favorites, with Jack cutting up on the two holes I watched him.

Jack Lemon goofing around at the 1980 Crosby Golf Tournament.  George C. Scott talking to his caddy at Pebble Beach, Carmel, California.

And it wouldn't be Carmel without Clint Eastwood.  He was in his Dirty Harry phase then, so the crowd was pretty rambunctious.  He must have been doing poorly, too, because he seemed like he was in surly mood.  Maybe he was just in character.

Clint Eastwood, 1980, at Pebble Beach, Carmel, California.

Lots of memories. Another reason why you should review your images every year - to relive the good old days.  Have fun.