Doors and Windows

When you check the photo sites to look at other photographers work, you'll find lots of photographers are shooting images of doors and windows.  Old doors, painted doors, open windows; broken windows.  Really ambitious photographers ;-) make images that contain both doors and windows.  It seems like there is a requirement for every photographer's portfolio to contain doors and windows.  We certainly have them in our portfolios, too.  What's the deal with doors and windows?

door, window, warrenton, virginia, christmas, night 

There are many reasons to make images of doors and windows.  They are cooperative and patient subjects that don't move.  The appearance of doors and windows can change as the light conditions change due to the sun angle or cloud cover.  When one catches your eye, move around the scene to capture different angles. 

New buildings present different doors and windows than older buildings.  Modern windows are arranged differently than older ones and will lead to a different feeling.  Modern glass has different patterns than old windows.  This can lead you to different processing.  I went for an abstract feel with the angled windows of Georgetown, but the church in Harper's Ferry got a warmer and simpler processing.  These images also have different sizes and types of glass that impact your viewer.


Don't forget to move in closer to get capture details.  When you eliminate the surrounding area of your door, you simplify the image and change the point of view.  Now the focus is the door knocker on an expensive door or the door handle on an old manor house that is hundreds of years old.  This is a good time to bring your tripod for absolute sharpness.  Try varying your depth of field to emphasize the textures. 


Use the textures and patterns as the interest item - using the entire door or an the most interesting part of the door.


The window doesn't have to be the main subject.   The baby grabs your attention here, but the window is the catalyst that makes the image possible.

Some photographers will get philosophical about their door and window images.  They'll tell you the doors represent opportunities; windows allow you to get a look into the soul of the building.  Are they open and welcoming or barred and foreboding?  Hey, I don't know about all that, but doors and windows offer variety, challenge, and they're just plain fun.  See you out there.