Happy Holidays!

Our Fauquier County Viewfinders camera club braved the cold last evening and headed downtown to shoot our beautiful main street and the seasonal decorations. We had a couple inches of snow on Thursday and it’s still here.  Just a few tips about cold weather shooting, first the cold will really eat up your batteries.  Be sure you have a fully charged extra one.  Keep it next to you so it stays warm and that will help make it last longer when you swap.   Second, when you are moving from a nice warm indoors to the chilly outside, your lens like your glasses might frost up.  Let the camera adjust to the temp. Be careful, ice can scratch your lens.   The most critical way to capture the magic of the Christmas decorations is a tripod.  Yep, folks, low light really means you need a very steady platform.    Set your camera to aperture mode and as wide open as you can get it.  I was using my 105mm f2.8 macro and borrowed Roger’s new 16-35mm f4. Even with these fast lenses, the tripod was needed.   Main street had lots of windows decked out with Christmas crackers and pretty bows.

  Roger’s shot is actually one of my favorites.

Wild life was pretty popular.  Be careful of those penguins, when they get in formation.

Wreaths of all kinds glow in the lights

Inside the Iron Bridge Wine Company

Our local florist’s window beckons to all with cheery warmth.

Readers, I sure hope everyone has a great Christmas holiday.  I’ve been pretty good, so Santa, if you place the Nikon 12-24mm f2.8 under my tree, I won’t object.