Holiday Parade

First, let me say Jacob Marley was dead…wait, that has been used???  Ok, one of the great things about living in the VA countryside is the rich history and tradition.  True, most of it is stolen from the British, but it still is pretty cool.    Every year the center of the horse culture here, Middleburg, VA, holds the Hunt Country Parade.   One of the many fox hunting groups in the area, the Middleburg Hunt put on their formal pinks and lead the holiday parade down main street with  the full pack of hounds. 


Some years it snows, but this year it was just cold - really, really cold, like 34 or so with a few flurries.   The horses are all as turned out as their riders.


 I was really surprised to see one audience member watching. 


Shouldn’t he be home grooming the reindeer?

Following the pack, is the regular Christmas parade.  Middleburg’s other love, beside horses and money, is dogs.  For a dog loving place, the cruel costumes they put on the poor critters, makes me want to yell for the SPCA—the Society for the Prevention of Costuming Animals.   One of the Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue society dogs was so embarrassed, he had to wear sunglasses.  The greyhound really wanted to run out of there.   Some of the dogs were pretty strange looking for sure. 

Kids on floats are always fun and catching them with the light on their antlers is always tricky. 

Roger and I trying to get up above the crowds to get a different angle.  Actually, we had a really authentic Bratwurst and saw the glass for the reflection shot.

That’s all for this one folks, We plan on writing more about shooting Xmas lights later on this month.  Please tell your friends or enemies about the blog, depending on how much you like/dislike it.  Get them to add us on Facebook, please.