Giving Thanks

Had a really nice holiday, my son Ben and I went up to Connecticut to visit my cousin and of course, Cara the wonder dog.  We ate turkey and pie, and pie and turkey.  We went out to visit the far corner of CT and got snowed on—ok, just a few flakes, but no, not for me.  We had lunch by a beautiful covered bridge and saw a beautiful, but darn cold waterfall.  I think we did the complete checklist of the traditional New England Thanksgiving activities.  Most of all we sat around and talked.  One of the topics was all the reasons we really had to be thankful-despite all the craziness in the world.  It is easy to start with the simple stuff-the things which keep us going every day Peanut M&Ms and Sunrises. But that is not what really keeps us going.  This year permitted a bunch of friends to gather back in McAlester OK for a massive reunion.  The people I grew up with and who after way too many years are still close; those friends who you can finish the lines from, as if it were just yesterday and still laugh with, even though the stories are still silly.   Sure we all have a bit less hair, or it is gray and one or two (^2) extra lbs, but some things remain.

It’s important to also be thankful for friends who are as close as family.  Sharing everyday joys and sorrows-from weddings to funerals, these people in your life, who really make up your life. 

My kids are each growing up and are almost all adults.  Hard to believe, how much joy and pride they provide.

Lastly, I am thankful, that having learned photography I can share some of these with all of you.  Now to get ready to shoot Christmas scenes and to write more blogs.  One thing I am not grateful for is COMCAST crashing on the East Coast or this would have gotten out earlier!