Unbottled Water

No real tips today...just rambling about water. I've lived near the water most of my life and always enjoyed the sights and smells associated with living near the shore.  Water shows up frequently in my images, but I often find it challenging to capture the exact mood of the scene.  Subtle changes of light and wind can change what you see very quickly.  This is one of those times you should take lots of photographs.  Even then, it's hard to capture the exact mood.

I took a cruise down south last year (way south) and thoroughly enjoyed walking around the marinas in Curacao .  The water is an aqua blue color, and the boats are always painted with bright colors.  I tried to keep this composition simple and serene, like the landscape around me.

Curacao, boat, color

The mood was serene in Marion, MA, too, but the image starkly different.  The sun was coming up on a foggy, summer morning.  Most of the boats in the bay were still hidden by the fog.  I was just strolling around, when I saw the marina building reflecting an orange light into the center of the skiff.  I have about a dozen shots of this thing, but this was the best capture of the light.

skiff, fog, sunrise, boat

Recently, during a short, lunchtime photowalk, I came across this blue heron at the edge of the old B&O Canal.  I was disappointed that the heron doesn't stand out more from the water, but I really liked the diagonal reflection of the trees and rock cliff. It adds a nice symmetry and balance to the image.   

blue heron, reflection, B&O Canal, Virginia

Reflections in the water are always fun and can be challenging.  The next photo is from Elizabeth City, NC, along the Intercoastal Waterway.  Every time I go down to visit, I head for the cypress knees.  These are harder to capture than you might think.  The water is murky -almost deep black in some areas.  The cypress knees are generally found in shady spots, so you need the shallow angle of a sunrise or sunset to bring light into the scene.  The sunrise was at just the right spot for this shot.  I took many other images, separated by only a few minutes of this time, and they look completely different.

cypress knees, Elizabeth City, NC, USA, reflections, water, still


Finally, as a nod to Mark's blog last week, when he touched on Claude Monet and an Impressionist style, I went into Photoshop and tried my hand.  This old boathouse was in Back Bay, Virginia Beach, VA, years ago.  This is a digital copy of a slide, and I never could get it the way I wanted it.  So, I took Mark's advice and channeled Monet's ghost.  I like this painterly look with its saturated colors and reflection.  I added a touch of solarization and created a more interesting look. 

boathouse, back bay, Virginia Beach, VA, USA, reflection, impressionist

The next time you're down by the water, try to capture the mood in your image.  You'll find it a worthy challenge, and you might get some great shots for your office walls.  Have fun.