Building some interest

I’ve been doing some building in my basement the last few weeks.  OK, technically my cousin and son did most of it, because as soon as we started, I got really ill, but have been making up for it since.  It reminded me though of how much I like shooting buildings and other architectural details.  As humans our ability to create is endlessly fascinating.  Everything from ancient ruins, to modern buildings as sculpture fascinates me. I’ve created a set of Lightroom Keywords, capturing all the general kinds of things I’ve lumped into this category.

Everything from bridges to just interesting buildings in Mendocino CA

 fits into a category, or more than one.  Since I travel in Europe a lot, I get to shoot a lot of churches and historic sites like the mayor’s palace in Munich.

 Inside the Smithsonian museum of the American Indian, I loved the architecture, but was underwhelmed by the contents itself.  I’ve even found interesting details in Norfolk shopping malls.

Go take your camera, walk around your neighborhood and find something architecturally interesting to you.  Then go beyond just a snapshot, get in there and change the angle, get a detail that speaks to you