Richmond International Raceway

This weekend, Andy (my son-in-law) and I ventured back down to the Richmond International Raceway for some NASCAR photos.  We always have a good time and try to go once a year.  We went down into the pits and the hospitality center and, generally, just goofed off all day. I've posted racing images before, so I made a conscious effort to shoot some different shots.  We started in the midway, just walking around and taking in the sights. These race weekends are always crowded, but apparently, this truck tried to make too tight a turn.  ;-)

monster truck, NASCAR

Of course, the car companies were there in force with their new models on display. They brought the new muscle cars, drawing lots of looks.  Nice lines.

Challenger, headlights

Mustang 5.0, tail pipe

Into the pits for more: The pit sign for the US Army car, driven by Ryan Newman; and some of the sacrificial tires awaiting the race.

Newman, pit sign, Army, NASCAR   NASCAR, tires, pit

This is the pit box for Kyle Bush.  Not our favorite driver.  In fact, Andy boos Kyle's very existence.   So why the shot?  Well, Grace, his daughter loves the M&M car (naturally) and since Kyle drives for them, she likes him, too.  This galls Andy, so naturally I take all the Kyle shots I can; print them for Grace; and then she makes him put them up in her room.  I laugh at his dilemma of having pictures of a driver he doesn't like posted in his house. It's childish of me, but fun nonetheless.

NASCAR, pit box, Kyle Bush, M&Ms, Richmond

One of the great things about NASCAR drivers is their willingness to give to fans.  About 10 of the drivers and team owner, Jack Rousch, were at the hospitality center while we were there.  They answered questions and signed autographs for the fans.




  It was a long day of relaxation, but we hung in there.  We shot hundreds of photos, ate junk food, and even had a beer or two.