Faces of Greece



It is no secret that Roger is a better people photographer than I am.  He has been making environmental portraits for a long time.  One of the reason’s our partnership works is that we are um, slightly competitive, but always in a positive way.  We each try to learn from the other without admitting that we are. One of my goals while traveling in Greece was to take more pictures of people.  

When in a different place, whether it be another country or a region of the U.S., you can capture elements of culture and history in the faces of the people.  It is a good thing to ask your subjects for permission to take their picture.  In some cultures, there are still very strong superstitions against letting your spirit be taken away.  If you intend to use the picture for any commercial purposes you have to get a model release.  If they are just for your own use, or like here, there is no requirement to have one.  

So here are the my favorites from the trip.