What's New in Athens?

I just returned from 10 days in Greece.  I thought that I could write about the amazing sights while I was there, but internet connections are not as available as I had planned.  So over the next few blogs, I’ll share some semi-decent photos.  Greece is very hot this time of year. While we were walking around in Athens, the temp was 104.  The light is also right overhead, which always makes shooting challenging.  We headed out early each day and took it easy during the hottest parts. The modern bustling city is dominated by the Acropolis.  It is a good hike to the top.  We found this young Greek on the wall practicing his bouzouki, ignoring all the tourists.  From the top, you look out on temples and ruins all around.Wandering through the narrow alleys we found this house with the guard dogs protecting the developing grapes.  They seemed friendly and were smart, staying inside the cool dark room.

The food everywhere was wonderful.  We found a rooftop restaurant specifically to watch the sunset and the lights come up on the Parthenon.  Ouzo, wine and good company, made the evening even more magical.  I hauled my tripod all over Greece, for these shots and for Santorini at the end. 

I didn't shoot as many pictures as I thought I would, only 2000.  Don't worry, I don't plan on showing all of them.