What makes the place you live special?

One of the reasons I moved out to the countryside was for the somewhat slower pace.  What I’ve discovered is the sense of community that holds and shapes places.  Two weekends ago, Warrenton held the Spring Festival.  Nothing really fancy, booths selling stuff, crafts and raising money for local charities.  The clown was out building balloons for the Shriners.   Not working for the government.  This little girl wasn't afraid of him at all.  Our local Volunteer Fire Department showcasing their gear.  They count on the support of the entire town to both fund and staff them.  They respond at all hours of the day and night, donating their most precious gift-their time. Musicians played all around the town, from the steps of the courthouse, to the churchyard to very enthusiastic audiences.

 The brave youngsters were tackling the rock wall—far higher than I would have gone. 

The Warrenton Police brought out their barrel train.  This young man was not certain he wanted to go off all by himself,

but these ladies were just having a blast. 

 My friend and  neighbor Sgt. George Southard was riding his Segway ® , keeping his eye on the “mob”.  A lifelong resident of the county, his dedication to the community  is part of makes this a great place to live.  We even had our own Princess Genevieve,out greeting her loyal subjects. 

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All in all it was a fun day.  I’m certain that somewhere around you there is a local festival, fair, carnival or other event.  Take your camera out and try and capture what makes your hometown special.