It's time to travel

For whatever reason, this blog has just refused to let itself be written.  My respect for those who manage to actually write something every day now borders on awe.  As you have seen from the photos in the scroll at the top of the website, both Roger and I have had the fortune to travel a lot while each serving in the military.  Going to new places should be an eye opening experience, helping us all understand how other cultures live and have developed.    Taking photos of these places should go beyond just “Hey look here I am in, Rome, Paris, or Spain, but should try and capture what makes that place special.  Every location has iconic places that if you don’t shoot them, no one will really believe you were there.  The question is how you can find a new way to see them, or an insider’s viewpoint on where and when the best times are to capture those images. 

While in Paris, you have to shoot the Eiffel Tower,  I think there is a law, but how about changing the perspective a bit. The last time I was there, was the Rugby World Cup and so there were a lot of fans of the "Blues" traveling from bistro to bistro--a quick snap tried to capture the energy all around.

Obviously there are lots of travel web sites to help out, with a checklist of what to shoot.  Photographers are a friendly bunch and love to talk about their backyards.  My two favorite photo sites have forums dedicated to answering "Where should I shoot?"

Roger was forced to go to England for business and came up with  a (yes, it pains me to admit) brilliant plan.  He used his Linkedin account,  to search for photographers near where he was headed to meet up with and get recommendations.   It’s also a great way to get to meet some locals and find the out of the way spots. 

It doesn't matter where you go as long as you take your camera.