Put Me In, Coach...

The Golden Lions were in town this weekend to challenge the mighty Fireflies to a softball game at the local ballpark.   With our great connections, we managed to get seats right on the first base line.  It was packed with rabid Firefly fans. 

Some of the rowdies from Ruff Boys Construction Company showed up.  Rough-neck crew members were grabbing all the graham crackers from the concession stand and rudely stuffing the tasty morsels into their faces. 


When you tried to tell them to "chill out," they would run back to their mothers and sneer at you with cracker-crumbed faces.  We managed to enjoy the game despite them.

The players were charged up and ready to get up to the plate.  The skills exhibited by these young ladies is amazing.  The Firefly team strategy was to overwhelm the Lions with their fielding expertise and get everyone on the bases with some power hitting.  They are coach-pitched, but after three strikes, they bring out the tees for extra power.  After a huge swing, it's a fast run down the baseline to be in position to score.  Of course, the undefeated Fireflies prevailed.



OK, I'm a little bit hokey, but we had a good time, and I proved that, even in direct sunlight, there are times snapshots can be fun.  Hope your weekend was as great as mine.