Flowers and Light

Flowers are some of my favorite things to shoot.    My friend Pam asked how “you take such wonderful pictures of flowers?”  While I won’t claim that her assertion is 100% true, it provides a good starting point for today’s blog.   There are just a few tips which can help raise your photos out of the piles of really ordinary snapshots

First, you need to decide exactly what part of the flower you are interested in.   Is it the shape, the color,or is it the way the light is playing on the petals,

Second, you need to get down to the level of the flowers or raise them up to you.  Like pets or children, looking at the top of their heads is boring. 

Third, get close, no I mean really close.  You don’t have to have a macro lens, but it helps, this one was shot just a 70-300 Zoom   But fill the frame for sure.  Roger is going to do a whole blog on macro later, so I don’t want to steal his thunder.  By getting up close and shooting wide open, you can really control the depth of field, and choose what part of the image is in focus. 

Early morning, before the sun gets too high is the best time to shoot for me.  Sometimes it is good to include some beautiful insects as they add scale and interest.

Especially butterflies.

Where can you get beautiful flowers to practice on? Go on down to your local farmers market and ask the vendors if you can shoot their stems.  If you buy a few, they are usually very cooperative Or, just go to your local store or florist and buy a bunch.  Then you can practice all you want in a controlled environment.  Or as the ones below, in an empty fall field.

 Oh, and if you want to capture that beautiful morning dew, take a spray bottle and use it. Voila instant dew. 

Get outside and shoot!