Walking through Ybor City

Well ,  the Pre-conference workshops are done and we start PSW this morning.  We had signed up for the Photo Safari with Moose and Joe and have to report that it was just OK.  Not as spectacular as my fevered imagination had built it up to be.  Still we managed to get some decent pictures.  Ybor City is a historic district in Tampa, founded as a company town for Cubans in the cigar trade.  After an hour long bus ride, we disembarked at the museum.  We had the privilege of watching Mr. Wallace Reyes and his wife, both Grand Master Cigar Makers (www.ybormuseum.org) work their magic.

There were 60 photographers; all overloaded with equipment traveling like a school of photographic piranha through the quiet streets.  Our next planned stop was to see the fantastic flamenco dancers over at the Columbia restaurant (www.columbiarestaurant.com).  Here is what the mob must have looked like to the 4 dancers.

Joe McNally had some really valuable insights into working with the subjects, putting them at ease before shoving lenses and a sea of flashes in their faces.  They danced and posed and posed and posed, demonstrating grace and patience with us all.  We moved over to the atrium and augmented the sky light with some other techniques.

After that we were cast loose on the streets for a couple of hours to chase the light.  As we will be in class all day, we will save those photos for another post.  Shooting crowds of people in conference rooms just isn’t likely to be that interesting.