Florida Sure is Nice this Time of Year

Just quick notes this week while we’re down at Photoshop World, in Orlando.   Any pictures we post will be rough drafts since we won’t have the time to do any serious post-processing.  Please excuse any rough edges on these shots.

I arrived early, visiting family in Cocoa Beach over the weekend and got up at sunrise to shoot a few.  There were several of us crazy folks out there early in the morning.

Several of my cousins came down at the same time, so I did a very fast shoot of two of my young second cousins.  It’s always fun to get re-acquainted with relatives you haven’t seen in a while.  Thanks again to all my family for the great weekend!  Hope you like the images.

I picked up Mark from the airport this afternoon.   Tomorrow is the fun shoot with Joe McNally and Moose Peterson.  Wednesday, PSW starts in earnest.  We’ll try to put up some short blogs, but your best option is to start planning now to join us in the fun next year.  Then, you’ll be able to experience it for yourself.