So how do you spend a day off?

Well, if you are a photographer, you get up at 4AM so you can drive for an hour and a half to be in position to shoot something as the first rays of the sun are coming up.  It is especially fun if the temperature is cold enough to make penguins question their lifestyle.  So, of course, that is exactly what Roger and I did on Friday.  Frankly, we have been working stupid hours for a long time and we needed to regain what little mental stability we have.  So, we flipped a coin, heads it was Gettysburg, PA and tails it was Charlottesville, VA.   Tails it was.  C-ville is the home of the University of VA. It was envisioned and designed by Thomas Jefferson himself.  It is a beautiful city, and the campus is lovely, even if still snow covered.  Our goal was to catch the sunrise on the Rotunda.  We got down there with a good 15 minutes to spare and set up on the porch of the Madison building across the street.  We both got pretty decent shots, but it was cold.

SunriseAfter the sun came up, we wandered across the campus looking for some, well, important attributes of modern civilization needed after drinking lots of coffee and water.  While heading that way, we came across the open colonnades of the lawn, and Roger got this shot.Walkway

I saw this unusual snow melt and knew there was a shot in there, while he scoffed at it.

Since we were still darn cold and it was breakfast time, we went over to the corner and had breakfast in an old style diner.  Great neon and we both shot it from different angles. Roger's version

While walking down the alley, I spotted this smashed window and loved the lines and reflections.Smashed Window

Since we planned to stay down there a while and it was well before anything was going to be open, we went over to the Pedestrian Mall to shoot some more. It was ok, but we said, let’s go up to Monticello.  We got there before it opened and wandered around, shooting stuff, like this nice little still life from the museum store.

Didn’t quite make the tour though as 3 busloads of screaming middle school kids showed up and that was more than I needed to deal with.  Besides did I mention it was cold?  After that, it was time to head back to prepare for Friday night Trivia.  Half of us won.

So just get out and take your camera.  Have fun.