Curacao Blue

In Curacao, we again grabbed a cab for a few hours and took off to explore the city of Willemstad.  Curacao is the largest of the six islands that make up the Netherlands Antilles.  The city has pastel-colored buildings with nice verandas to enjoy the warm climate.  We visited the Curacao liqueur distillery and a small museum - interesting, but not that exciting.  Drive on, Rudi! We traveled up a steep hill to an old fort that guarded the inner harbor.  The fort has been converted into a tourist stop and restaurant.  It's a nice place to take pictures of the city from a high vantage point.


I found a few shots up there that are different from my usual preference of people shots. It's always nice to find one location with a wide variety of topics.  Remember, when you line up to take the first picture that caught your eye to look behind and to the side to find something you might miss or maybe another angle on the first shot.  There was a glass of rum on the wall that had some interesting detail with the nice blue bokeh from the water.  There was a big solid door for a monochrome texture shot.  Just across from that was a door surrounded by a wonderful splash of color.  Finally, there was something you seldom see - tall cactus beside a large body of water.  All four of these shots were within 50 feet of each other, and look at the variety I found.  Again, don't close your eyes to your location after you get the first shot; look around for other opportunities.





After a fun day in Curacao, we headed north for Florida.  The week was full of new vistas and ideas.  The opportunity to spend a photography immersion trip doesn't happen every day.  Enjoy it.  Thanks, Cruising Through Life!