On the Way to South America

Travel can be complicated when you're dragging along camera gear and computer to some far-away place. Proper preparation will make your trip more relaxing. 20091025__RAD1216

We talked a little about traveling with your camera back in July.  I have two Tenba camera bags - one large and one small.  This time I took the small one for the day trips and got on the airplane with my Tamrac roll-away.  The roll-away allowed me to keep my gear with me on the plane, and it was easier to get onto the boat.  With proper packing, I had my camera and all my lenses, with my computer and two external hard drives for backup.  My tripod and monopod were packed in my suitcase.  I was ready to go.  Here is the Tamrac.


We stopped at Holland America's leased island, Half Moon Cay, the next day.  I shot a few photos as I walked around the island.  There really wasn't much there that wasn't directly intended for fun, fun, fun - a bar, beach chairs, and kiosks for necklaces or t-shirts.  Since we were on one of the first boats to the island, there were very few folks there, allowing me to shoot images of the area without too much worry about people walking through my scene.


This was the least interesting part of the trip, since the little island provided very little of interest if you weren't there for a swim and some tasty libations.  I headed back to the ship to play with the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 beta.  Maybe I can have some fun playing with its new features.  I'll let you know what I find there in the near future.