Help a Man Get a Free Lunch

As we’ve written about all week, Mark and I had a little contest this past weekend.  We’ve shown you some shots that didn’t fit into our “Lines” theme.  We do these exercises for fun and to push ourselves away from our favorite (and comfortable) photo topics.  It brings together several themes we’ve talked about in the few weeks we’ve been blogging here.  And I hope it shows that we practice what we preach in our approach to photography. We showed our six pictures around to people at work and collected their votes.  The current situation is one of us has one point more than the other.  ONE point!  That is surprising to us, and I thought it only fair to open it up to you.  Here’s how this will work:

You look at the six photos below and choose the three you like best and give us your picks in a comment entry at the end of this blog.  If you’ve never commented before, your vote/comment may take a little time to show up because we have to approve your comment. (This keeps spammers out of our comments.)  There is no need to rank your choices, just pick three of the six and put the photo number in the comment.  We’ll tally the results and let you know who won the free lunch. 

The order was chosen by pulling numbers from a cup, mixing up the photos and photographer.  These pictures have not been touched with Photoshop or any plug-ins.  They may have been cropped and color-adjusted in Lightroom, but no other work was done on them.  I put them in two rows of three to minimize the scrolling required.

Here are Photos 1, 2, and 3 (left to right):

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3

Here are Photos 4, 5, and 6 (left to right):

Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6

Thanks for your help.  We’ll close voting on Friday at midnight.