Black and White Restoration--simple tip

Last week was really hectic with work and such so Roger carried the load.  As we talked last time, restoring color is relatively simple, just by finding a gray point.  Sometimes black and whites can be a little trickier.  The first thing to remember is that those faded photos didn’t start out as yellow. Here is one I just did of for a friend of mine.  It is a picture of his grandfather’s watering hole.

 OBrien_Donovan_0000_Base layer

As you can see it is fairly significantly damaged and very faded. This is something that really needs to be done in an editing program such as Photoshop (PS) rather than in something like Adobe Lightroom.  When working in PS, I always try to be non destructive.   I don’t ever mess with the original pixels and the first thing I do is make a duplicate layer.  One of the most powerful features of PS is the ability to change how the layers interact with each other, these are called “blend modes”.  If you change the blend mode to “multiply” from “normal”, all the grays return to black.


Now we are not going to talk now about how to fix all those tears and scratches, but will get to it.  Here though is the finished product. 


Have a great weekend.  


Thanks Dave