About Efcubed

Efcubed is a partnership of two dedicated and talented photographers, Roger A. Dallman Jr. and Mark B. Segal.

Roger A. Dallman Jr.

Roger: I have been a photographer for more than 25 years. I enjoy being with and photographing people, whether at their special events or daily lives. I would rather photograph people in realistic environments than a formal studio, but am comfortable in either.

Travel photography is another favorite activity. I have been to all 50 states and around the world in my various jobs and love to get out and meet the people and learn their culture.

I am a trained educator, and, on Efcubed, I'll blog about techniques and tools that will make you think about your photography and ways to improve it. Sometimes, I'll just tell you about a place I've visited. We try to keep the blogs short and simple. I hope you'll become a regular visitor. Please leave a comment if there is something particular you'd like to us discuss. Email: roger@efcubed.com.

Mark B. Segal

Mark started shooting when he was 13 and has done it off and on since then. As a Navy brat and then Naval Officer, I got to go to interesting places. I wish I had taken my camera more often. I love the way the camera allows you to dissect the world and shape what people see of it. Photoshop and Lightroom are great tools to help capture what you thought you saw from behind the lens.

I love helping people salvage and restore their photographic memories as links to their past. The patience and dedication needed are usually far beyond what the images are worth, except to the person who owns the picture. Seeing the smile or tears from when you've brought back an image from the cracked, torn and faded pile is a reward in and of itself.